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Lapis boots icon
Lapis Lazuli Boots
Sw R Dk D
Unique Item, Tier 2
(Feet, Boots)
Item level: 55
Base Values
+ 22-27 Damage
+ 725-900 Health Points (variable)
+ 464-576 Armor value
4,0-5,0% faster travel speed
23,0-28,0% more Health points on this item
41,0-55,0% increased damage on this item
Unique Values
Increases your movement speed by 25% as long as you don't get hit by enemies. Whenever you get hit the increased movement speed is deactivated for 10 seconds.
Durability: 20/20
>> Requires level 55
Melting value:Glyph icon 39270


Level 50-55 drop from the Qaizah region. Available in the 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Painful (tier 1), and Excruciating (tier 2). Lapis Lazuli Boots can drop from the "mighty opponent" who appears after clearing the map or after a short delay.