Basic Info
Type Urban Area
Region Kingshill (Region)

Kingshill is the capital city of Duria. It is accessed from south via Swerdfield Pastures, and it leads to Hagastove Grotto in the east, Wild Forest in the north and Catacombs in the north-east. The Royal Arena in which Team Death Matches are held is also located there.

Before, players could also use Tyrmon's Seal Fragments to enter the Forgotten Spas of Collisium. This area has been since removed.

NPCs Edit

Name Type
Abd-Al-Karim Abd-Al-Karim Artifact Merchant
Ambassador Runa Freygard Ambassador Runa Freygard Quest Keeper
Arva Valetia Arva Valetia Quest Keeper
Barim Bloodbaum Barim Bloodbaum Master of Battle
Captain Gregory Winbold Captain Gregory Winbold Quest Keeper
Chancellor Brett Aylwin Chancellor Brett Aylwin Quest Keeper
Cornelius Remin Cornelius Remin Quest Keeper
Corynn Corynn Quest Keeper
Drake, Soldier of Misfortune Drake, Soldier of Misfortune Quest Keeper
Edmund Edmund Merchant
Small heros breakfast Royal pumpkin pie Royal vintage rum (30 min)
Emilia Emilia Purveyor to the Royal Court
Father Fidelis Father Fidelis Priest of the Order
Ecclesiastical letter of protection Sacred protective candle (3 min)
Felix Felix Essence merchant
Garnet Garnet Jeweler
Gnob (portrait) Gnob Event merchant
Grizmek (portrait) Grizmek Tamer
King Harold King Harold Quest Keeper
Levander Levander Kobold, Protector of Treasure
Maiden Rosalin Maiden Rosalin Quest Keeper
Malyssa Malyssa Quest Keeper
Matilda Keen Matilda Keen Quest Keeper
Master Wilmer Master Wilmer Alchemist
Petyax Icon Petyax Crafting Master
Matthew Allthings Matthew Allthings Quest Keeper
Old Randal Old Randal Quest Keeper
Benjamin Quest Keeper Benjamin Quest Keeper
Olex Steamboiler Olex Steamboiler Quest Keeper
Prince Aldred Prince Aldred Quest Keeper
Robert Rampage Robert Rampage Master of Battle
Arlekin Arlekin Jester
Ballerino Arlekin Jester
Zampano Arlekin Jester
Thabo (portrait) Thabo Realm Mage
Wiley Wiley Quest Keeper
Vivian Vivian Blacksmith
Woodcutter Arnie Woodcutter Arnie Quest Keeper