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Khalys' Elysium
Khalys el
Basic Info
Type Dungeon
Region Slifmoor
Monster Levels 25 (Normal)
Scale to player's level in other difficulty.
Level Requirement 20 - Normal
20 - Painful
40 - Excruciating
50 - Fatal
Difficulty Normal
Entry Requirement Painful - 1x Key of Prowess Icon Key of Prowess
Excruciating - 2x Key of Prowess Icon Key of Prowess
Fatal - 3x Key of Prowess Icon Key of Prowess
Nearest Urban Area Werian Sanctuary
Unique Boss Khalys


  • Lost Soul of the High Priest (Quest Keeper)

Possible Uniques (Normal)[]

Parallel World[]

Khalys' Elysium was the final parallel area up until release R084, where Ocean of Bones was added. Khalys was the final boss.

Unique Drops for Parallel World[]

Available to level 30+ characters in the Parallel World

Spellweaver Dragonknight Ranger Steam Mechanicus
Serpehelmet Viper Helmet Dkpauld Viper Pauldrons Khalyshead Khalys Snake Mask SnakePauldrons Snake Pauldrons
Starlight Starlight Cloak40 Cloaked Wrath Predator Predator Avenger Avenger
40 mage1 Enigma 40dk1 Justice Beast Beast Mechanicum Mechanicum