Basic Info
Type Urban Area
Region Norselands

Players can access Jarlshofn from Resistance Command Center, and it leads to Ellonidos and Torstrond. Level 39+ players can enter the dwarven land of The Misty Ridge.

This map used to give access to Watery Grave.


  • Alchemist: Colin
  • Crafting Master: Roxana
  • Armor Artisan: Hanne
  • Artifact Merchant: Marleif
  • Essence merchant: Katikka
  • Jeweler: Sanni
  • Kobold: Levander
  • Merchant: Peer Big heros breakfast Spices and a shot Refined lorti liquer
  • Priest: Alvis Runeseer Hymn of the ancestral singer Rune stone of ancestral protection
  • Tamer: Grizmek
  • Weaponsmith: Oddur
  • Workbench

Other NPCsEdit

  • Master of Battle: Sonya Storskjarva (1v1)
  • Quest keeper: Aaron Grandwell
  • Quest keeper: Captain Anne Reed
  • Quest keeper: Gunnar Rodstaal
  • Quest keeper: Hagrosh
  • Realm Mage: Thabo
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