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Ingredient Bag-Implements

Implements are Crafting Ingredients that are used in the process of crafting Mixtures.
Implements can be only bought from Crafting Masters' shop or can be get (randomly) via Crafting Quests.
They can be found under the first tab in the Ingredient Bag. They are placed under three additional sub-tabs, classified by their rarity.

Name Obtained through Rarity Price
Bottle Crafting Masters

Crafting Quests

Bottle (Common) Icon Common Bottle
Bottle (Improved) Icon Improved Bottle
Bottle (Magic) Icon Magic Bottle
S32 C11

S61 C75
G1 S85 C25

Vial Crafting Masters

Crafting Quests

Vial (Common) Icon Common Vial
Vial (Improved) Icon Improved Vial
Vial (Magic) Icon Magic Vial
S76 C57

G1 S55 C61
G4 S66 C83

Flask Crafting Masters

Crafting Quests

Flask (Common) Icon Common Flask
Flask (Improved) Icon Improved Flask
Flask (Magic) Icon Magic Flask
G1 S55 C61

G3 S18 C63
G9 S36 C13

Filter Paper Crafting Masters

Crafting Quests

Filter Paper (Common) Icon Common Filter Paper
Filter Paper (Improved) Icon Improved Filter Paper
Filter Paper (Magic) Icon Magic Filter Paper
G1 S23 C50

G2 S44 C53
G7 S38 C53