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Hunting Trap

"Lays a trap that will set off when touched. All enemies within it's radius will be tagged for 8.0 seconds and slowed down."

Hunting Traps can be used by rangers as a tactical skill to quickly mark large mobs of enemies. Upgrading to Deadly Fairy Ring at level 30 causes all enemies who hit the trap (plus those in its vicinity) 100% of your base damage as physical damage.


Icon Damage DPS Element Range AoE CC
Hunting traps


None None Current location Yes Mark

Talent Trees enhancements[]

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Tree
Hunting traps
Deadly Fairy Ring Upon being touched, hunting traps release deadly spores causing 100% of your base damage as physical damage to enemies. 30 EXP


Hunting Trap is an easily evaded skill in PvP since people can easily see it on the floor. Most of the times hunting trap would only hit Dragonknight players since they are trying to get close to you.