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Hunting Arrow

"Shoots a hunting arrow which causes 60% of your basic damage as physical damage. Hit targets are marked for 6,0 (PvP: 3,0) seconds and are slowed down by 30%."

Hunting arrow is the basic skill for Rangers and the main way to aply marks on the enemies. It is classified as the best basic skill for its permanent slow, especially with its upgrades from Talent Trees.


Icon Damage DPS Element Range AoE CC
Hunting arrow
60% base damage None None Straight line None Mark

Talent Trees enhancements[]

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Tree
R51 Fortified string Pierces through the first target it hits 5 EXP
5101 Long-lasting mark Targets are marked for 8,0 (PvP: 5,0) 10 EXP
R102xp Monitoring mark Targets marked are slowed by 40% 10 EXP
R101 Better basic combat techniques Deals 33% more damage to players 10 PvP
R301 Higher-quality arrow Arrows fly 33% quicker 30 PvP


Hunting arrow is regarded by players as an overall great skill for the marking that will increase damage for other skills. The only negative comments were about the low damage. Since the Ranger is classified as a mix of damage and defense, Ranger players think it is unfair that hunting arrow deals the lowest damage from the 3 basic skills, and the shot itself is also slow moving.  However it can be argued that it is fair based on the fact that the hunting arrow is mostly used to mark an enemy for a deadly precision shot.