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Badges of Honor (Honor.png) and Honor Points are earned by participating in PvP battles in or out of the arena. Honor points can be allocated to upgrade the Fame Tree . Badges of honor can be used to purchase items from any of the the Battle Masters.

The number of honor points gained in battle is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Kills
  • %Contribution
  • Deaths
  • Damage Dealt
  • ELO rank
  • Win/Loss Status
  • Boosts (Herald of Glory)
  • Events (Time of Glory)
  • Achievements
  • Match type
  • Level
  • Enemy Level
  • Mentor bonus
  • Premium membership
  • Flags returned (5v5)
  • Damage to towers (6v6)

PVP Rank[]

Honor earned in battle will automatically affect PVP rank:

Rank Honor Points
Candidate 450
Recruit 3.200
Ardent Recruit 11.000
Legionnaire  25.000
Seasoned Legionnaire 50.000
Ardent Legionnaire 90.000
Novice Centurion  140.000
Centurion 210.000 
Seasoned Centurion 300.000
Ardent Centurion 410.000
Novice Knight of the Order 550.000
Knight of the Order 750.000
Seasoned Knight of the Order 1.000.000
Ardent Knight of the Order 1.450.000
Flag Bearer 2.250.000
Marshal 3.600.000
Field Marshal 6.750.000
Grand Marshal 15.000.000
Master 32.500.000
Grand Master 75.000.000

Additional badges needed to improve fame level[]

PvP Tables.jpg