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Herald of the Anderworld
Basic Info
Location Tegan's Ceremonial Hall
Level 30 (Normal), 40 (Difficult)-Discontinued
Experience Points 3990 (@ level 30)
Difficulty Normal
Skills Morning Star Smash, Morning Star Swing, Rock Slide, Super Nova
Drops Sw Herald's Mighty Staff
R Herald's Battle Bow
Dk Herald's Morning Star
D Herald Fire Gat

"He has the fiery passion of a dragon - his hatred shakes the world and brings stone to melt."


A servant wanted to create the first dragon in the concept of the dog as a guard and friend of humans. This especially powerful dragon offspring became the leader of the dragon guard. His appearance always signaled the coming of his master, the ruler of the Anderworld, for which reason they called him "the Herald."

Legends tell the story of how Agathon and the Herald battled for three days on the threshold between the two worlds without either of them being injured before the final descent into the Anderworld had been sealed. It was another, Balor, the murderer of his father, who submitted to the Herald and whose wings were forever silenced.

Today, the Herald carries out the orders of the master with a mixture of hatred and a sense of wonder, and he can hardly wait to battle the humans, something which had been previously prohibited for over 2,000 years. He was sent by his new master, Balor, to bring orders to the masters of the Anderworld in order to overrun the island empire.


Morning Star Smash: Herald smashes the ground

Morning Star Swing: Herald performs a powerful swing that hits all targets in front of him and deals high fire damage

Rock Slide: A powerful attack that deals damage in front of Herald. Additionally, it causes parts of the roof to fall at the players' current locations.

Super Nova: Herald starts overheating. After a brief delay, a wide-spread explosion ignites, dealing high fire damage.


Rock Slide and Super Nova follow a predictable pattern, especially if the Herald is constantly engaged in melee range by the same player. Be sure to avoid these high-damage attacks. The Herald is partly susceptible to slowing effects like those of Singularity, Oil Slick, etc, so these can be used to kite him efficiently. Dragonknights can employ tactics similar to those employed against Beararch or Heredur, by always running behind the Herald to hit him when he swings. 


When you first enter, head to one of the corners and summon a Watchman in front of you. The Herald will chase you, but aggro on the Watchman when he's in melee range of it. This will keep the Herald still so you can attack him, put a singularity on top of him, etc. 

Tips while doing this tactic:

- Avoid being hit with Rock Slide and Super Nova because they can both oneshot a spellweaver around level 30.

- When the singularity and watchman is gone, run until the cooldown of both is over.

- It is important to do this tactic in one of the corners


Each class has a unique, level 30 quest to kill Herald of the Anderworld:

Unique Drops[]

Level 40 weapons randomly dropped in "Difficult"

Spellweaver Ranger Dragonknight Steam Mechanicus
Hearald staff
Herald's Mighty Staff
Herald's Battle Bow
Herald's Morning Star
Herald gat Herald Fire Gat