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"When the sun shines to the ocean's floor, when the past catches up to the present, only then will Atlantis be found in the currents."



In the Southwind Sea, behind the Strait of Grabiltur, lies the forgotten islands of Helios. The most beautiful of these is said to be Ellonidos, ringed by crystal-clear water and only a stone's throw from the overgrown volcanic island of Mystras. There are signs that Mystras served for a time as the home of the exotic Atlanteans, an advanced civilization that sank over three thousand years ago into the sea. Much later, the freedom-loving people of Helios settled on the island and built their villages between ruins whose antiquated grandeur indicates an attempt by the empire centuries ago to solve the mystery of the Atlantis myth. Today's expedition isn't just to find the sunken island, but also the beings of the Anderworld that are still haunting Mystra. They were the first to venture into the fiery depths of the Volcano Suvius where the defeated imperial army still seeks to conquer Atlantis.

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Mount Suvius