Drakensang Online Wiki
Heavy shot

Fires a Heavy Shot that will cause 250% of your base damage as physical damage.


Icon Damage DPS Element Range AoE CC
D7 250% of Base Damage None Physical None Bomb detonates 2 seconds after hitting enemy None


Icon Talent Enhancements Cost Level
D7 Evil End If you hit a foe with a Heavy Shot, he will explode, thereby causing all of your base damage as fire damaeg to all foes within a 2,5 meter radius. 2 16
D7 Fiery Impact Instead of one large shot, the Heavy Shot fires three smaller shots, each of which causes 85% of your base damage as physical damage. 3 17
D7 Large Caliber Increases Heavy Shot damage by 20%. 5 18

For PvE, combining Evil End with Fiery Impact makes this skill very effective at dealing with a rushing group of lesser enemies, whereas for PvP using Large Caliber by itself is the most effective since the others have no real effect at increasing the damage against a single target.