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Drop from Balor

Heart of Corruption SW Heart of Corruption RA Heart of Corruption DK Heart of Corruption SM

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Heart of Corruption SW IconArmor-corruption
Heart of Corruption RA Icon Heart of Corruption(SM)
Heart of Corruption
Sw Dk R D
(Torso, Armor)
Item level: 47-50
Base Values
163 Armor value (base)
+ 180-220 Health Points
+ 3,0-4,0% more Health Points
+ 25-30 Damage
+ 3,0-4,0% increased Damage
Teleport/ Rage Jump/ Dive/ Rocket Pack creates a "Dark Power" charge for 6 seconds for each foe within an 8 meter radius
Dark Corruption
Set Bonus:
(1): Maximum 100 "Dark Power" charges:
(1): + 2.22 % Critical damage per charge
(2): + 0.66% for all resistance values per charge
(3): + 0.44% more damage per charge
(4): For each defeated foe, all active cooldown times will be shortened by 1 second.
Durability: 40/40
>> Requires level 47-50
Melting value:Glyph icon 29.400
Selling price: G 4 S 90 C 67

Random drop from monsters level 47-50, has random enchantments. Scales to the players' level.


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