Drakensang Online Wiki

Guilds are huge player alliances. Think of a Guild as a big group that can be broken down into smaller groups.  It's a fun way to play, especially when you can share and gain some tips through Guild chat.

A guild can have a maximum of 50 players. As a result, the titles "Brother of the Oath" and "Sister of the Oath" are unlocked depending on the gender of the character.

A full guild with active players can give a bonus to all its members. The maximum bonus is +5% more experience, +5% more badges of honor and +5% stacks of coins.

The cost to set up a guild is 99 silver coins or 2000 andermants. You will automatically be the guild leader and then you can invite others to your guild.

There are 3 "types" of players in a guild: The leader, the officers and the simple members

  1. The Leader: He/She can kick out of the guild all of the other players, invite players, upgrade/downgrade their "type" (he can upgrade another one in his place and downgrade him self to officer), rename the guild or even disband it. He/She can also set the guilds' message.
  2. The Officers: They can upgrade "simple members" of the guild to officers, kick out of the guild "simple members", invite players to the guild. He/She can also set the guilds' message.
  3. The "simple members": Nothing

To change the guilds message of the day, in guild chat type /cmotd (message). So if in guild chat an officer or gm wrote "/cmotd Hi all", the message will now say Guild News: Hi all. To delete it write "/dmotd".