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Group Aura-SM
Icon Name Description Increase per level Talent Point Cost Unlock level
Lightning Protection Lightning Protection Increases the lightning resistance of all group members in a range of 20 meters by 5.5% + 0.5% 3 13
Upgraded Spheres Upgraded Spheres When you pick up a Healing Sphere, you will also regain 1.0% of your Resource. + 0.5% 3 13
Racing the Clock Racing the Clock Every 5.0 seconds, all group members within 20 meters receive -1.0% to all active skill cooldown times - 1.0% 3 13

Group Effect-SM
Icon Name Description (no talent points used) Increase per level Talent Point Cost Unlock level
Oil Slick Group Effect Oil Slick Every group member that runs through an Oil Slick receives +5.50% movement speed for 3.0 seconds. Effect does not stack. + 0.25% 3 13
Steam Conductor Group Effect Steam Conductor Upon using Steam Conductor, each group member within 10 meters will regain 5.00% Health Points per second for 3 seconds. This skill has a 30 second cooldown. + 0.5% 3 18
Tactical Turret Group Effect Tactical Turret Each group member hit by a support missile from the Tactical Turret will receive 1 Resource. + 1 3 30

Group Momentum-SM
Icon Name Description Cooldown Talent Point Cost Unlock level
Tesla Turret Group Effect Tesla Turret Every group member in range of the Tesla Turret will be immune to movement impairing debuffs and will receive +50.0% attack speed for 25.0 seconds 90 seconds 150 45
Iron Dwarf Group Effect Iron Dwarf Upon activating Iron Dwarf, each group member within 10 meters will receive +100% armor value for 3.0 seconds. 90 seconds 150 45
Rocket Pack Group Effect Rocket Pack Rocket Pack removes all active cooldowns for group members within 6.0 meters. 90 seconds 150 45

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