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Following Release 209, group talents have been added to Drakensang Online. Group talents are not active during PVP battlegrounds!

When playing in a group, and when within 20 meters of at least one other group player, your character will gain group experience(xp). The more group members within 20 meters of your character, the more group xp you will receive. Each character increase the amount of xp gained by 0.5x. When playing in a group, the group widget will show how many group members are in range, as well as what Group Skills and Talents do they have active and what essences do they have equipped.

Number of Group Members in Range Group Experience Multiplier
1 x1.0
2 x1.5
3 x2.0
4 x2.5

Every time you level up your group experience, you will gain group talent points...

Group level Group talent points granted per level
Level 1-20 3
Level 21-40 6
Level 41-60 9
Level 61-80 12

...which you can spend on your group skills and talents.

The Group tab looks as following (only the talent icons depend on your class):


The tab is split up into three sections: Aura, Effect, and Momentum. Spending group talent points on Aura skills will provide a passive buff to your group members within a certain range. Group Effect talents will increase the strength of the group effects on specific experience skills in order to make them more effective in aiding your allies. The Group Momentum skills (of which you may only select one), add special group effects to specific skills that do not normally have one. These group effects offer major and sometimes very unique buffs, but will only be available once every 90 seconds (the cooldown resets on changing the map).

Group - Skills & Talents

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