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Basic Info
Location Desecrated Sanctuary
Level 40
Experience Points 4560 @ level 40 (normal) 4788 @ level 41 (normal)
Difficulty Normal
Skills Bite, Slash, Spread, Summon critters and jitterjelly, Flood
Drops Biting Tome, Snake Tooth Quiver, Gorga Scale, Snake Skin Absorber

"While the serpent's spine-covered body entwined with that of the god's, Gorga's fangs were poised and ready to strike an entire people down."


Over three thousand years ago a giant grotesque serpent infiltrated the majestic temple of sunlit Atlantis. It then entangled Oceanos, the god of the sea, in a true battle of the titans.

It has been speculated that this grotesque, six-eyed sea serpent came from the deepest crevices of the ocean. The priests of Atlantis who fled to Mystra could read in the waves the dark presence of a powerful entity. The first human man sown the seeds of betrayal among the Atlanteans and sent the creature to capture the god. Their struggle called forth an enormous tsunami that split Atlantis into four parts and dragged it to the depths of the sea.

Since then Gorga has fought unceasingly with Oceanus in the raging tides of the fallen sanctuary. If either shows even a moment of weakness - even if only for a moment - the other will triumph. The god can only hear his disciples' prayers when the Gorga regenerates.


  • Bite (melee) - attacks an individual
  • Slash (melee) - attacks multiple players in close combat
  • Spread (Ranged) - Gorga releases a warning wave denoting the location of the attack
  • Flood - Gorga dives underwater and displaces toxic water into the main arena
  • Summon Critters (Gorga's Children) - Release 5 critters that leave a pool of poison when they explode
  • Summon Deepsea Jitter-jelly - After the flood, 5 Jitter-jelly appear


Before Gorga goes underwater, an earthquake slows down movement. All players should seek refuge near the entrance because the flood deals massive damage over time. Assign a couple of ranged players to focus on killing Gorga's summoned critters and prevent them from exploding in the area of the melee players.

Possible Unique Drops[]

Unique Drops[]

Offhand level 40 drops in "Difficult"

Spellweaver Ranger Dragonknight Steam Mechanicus
Biting Tome
Boiled 40
Snake Tooth Quiver
Gorga Scale
Snake skin absorber
Snake Skin Absorber