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October 13th 2021 - November 11th 2021

Level requirement: 20+


Main Event

Ghost Festival VI MP.jpg


Ghost Festival VI CP.jpg

Level Requirements

  • Normal: 20
  • Painful: 20
  • Excruciating: 25
  • Fatal: 30
  • Infernal: 35
  • Merciless: 45
  • Bloodshed: 55


Enter Oldfield map from Kingshill.
Entrnace is Free up to Merciless difficulty.
Drops should like scale with the difficulty. The higher the difficulty the better the drop.
Oldfield GV VI EW.jpg


Oldfield map.jpg

Difficulty: Normal to Bloodshed.
Entrance fee:

This map is reworked version of the old Darbmoor map.
Your main objective with the event is to collect Saved Soul.png Saved Souls and solve the quests. There are two NPC's that you should take quests from, Sophia the Elder and Sister Morana.
There are two repeatable quests:


Monsters are no longer respawning . Sentinel - Morven is spawning after you clear the dungeon. Morven is dropping few Saved Soul.png Saved Souls (depending on difficulty) and one Sophia's Remedy Icon.png Sophia's Remedy.
Once you defeat Morven you can re-enter the map and do the same over and over again. This way you can collect more Sophia's Remedy Icon.png Sophia's Remedy by doing the quest A Gruesome Remedy and engaging Morven in same time.

Darkwood Path

Darkwood Path N-Map.jpg

Darkwood Path GF VI EW.jpg
Difficulty: Normal to Bloodshed.
Entrance fee:

Take the quest A Tale of Heroism from Larpalon.
In order to proceed to the main event map Creepy Castle you will have to pass thorough Darkwood Path and kill the Castle's Keeper ... or you will have to buy Realm Path to the Creepy Castle Icon.png Realm Path to the Creepy Castle from the shop or from Thabo.
Note : You will have to finish A Tale of Heroism quest first in order to spawn the Castle's Keeper

A new area has been added to the map - Decayed Graveyard. You can enter there only when Return of the Dead challenge is active.
Boss - Wendigo

Creepy Castle

Creepy Castle map.jpg

Creepy Castle GF VI EW.jpg
Difficulty: Normal to Bloodshed.
Entrance fee: None if going through Darkwood Path. Direct access:

Light Essence is required to kill monsters
This map is mixed combination of Sargon's Shadowfort, Dragon Caverns, Tegan's Sanctuary and Prison of Souls/Liar's Lair.
Take Splinters of Desperation and Will-o'-the-wisp quests from Ward the Ghostly Guard. You will need to lure all Will-o'-the-wisps (foggy creatures) into Hematite Bottle (old Tomb Raider "catch" XD).

Jullov can randomly spawn on the map hiding in a barrel. Jullov has a large weird family. If you mess with him you mess with all of them :)

Witchqueen Gwenfara

Witchqueen Gwenfara
Gwenfara Boss.jpg
Basic Info
Location Creepy Castle
Level (scales to average group level)
Normal: 20-100
Painful: 25-105
Excruciating: 40-110
Fatal: 45-115
Infernal: 55-120
Merciless: 75-130
Bloodshed: 95-140
Difficulty Normal to Bloodshed
Skills Changing 3 forms

Sw.png Spellweaver

R.png Ranger

Dk.png Dragonknight

D.png Steam Mechanicus

Jewel of Ghost Power Icon.png Jewel of Ghost Power
Cursed Heart Icon.png Cursed Heart
Life Force Icon.png Life Force

Creepy Castle is a home of Witchqueen Gwenfara.
Don't forget to equip Ordin light ess.png Light Essence / Light essence.png Ordinary Light Essence / Powerful light ess.png Mighty Light Essence when fighting her OR she will be immune to attacks. You will have to kill all three shapes of her.
Witchqueen Gwenfara is dropping unique items (see below).

A Tale of Heroism 3-3 Witchqueen Gwenfara.jpg

Easter Eggs: See the Piglets section below.

Draken Core drop

Draken Core drop per difficulty:

Burning Jack-o'-Crate and Jullov

The Burning Jack-o'-Crate has been probably removed.
BJ-o'-C.jpg BJ-o'-C drop.jpg Jullov in a barrel.jpg

Return of the Dead (challenge)

Darkwood Path - Decayed Graveyard

You can enter Decayed Graveyard only when the Challenge is active.
In order to stay alive while running through Decayed Graveyard, you will need to get the Salamander Blaze buff. Without the buff you would instantly die when you cross the line.
The buff can be get by interacting with one of the Summoning Slates. There are 3 slates and each of them is providing same buff with different duration.

Summoning Slate 5 minutes.jpg Summoning Slate 15 minutes.jpg Summoning Slate 30 minutes.jpg

You will need 50x Ghost Fire Icon.png Ghost Fire (Drop from worthy monsters inside Creepy Castle) to interact with any of the Summoning Slates.
You can only take one buff at a time.
The buff's duration can be:

  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes

The cost of all buffs is 50x Ghost Fire Icon.png Ghost Fire but allegedly by using the shortest buff you could get the best drop, the longest 30 minutes buff is having the worst drop rate.

Salamander Blaze buff 5 minutes.jpg Salamander Blaze buff.jpg

Note: Duration of the Salamander Blaze buff is extended by half when using the event attire (from the progress bar and the one for $$$ )
If the Salamander Blaze buff runs out before you kill Wendigo ... you are dead.


Basic Info
Location Darkwood Path (Decayed Graveyard)
Level (scales to average group level)
Normal: 20-100
Painful: 25-105
Excruciating: 40-110
Fatal: 45-115
Infernal: 55-120
Merciless: 75-130
Bloodshed: 95-140
Difficulty Normal to Bloodshed
Skills Monsters around him are immortal
Drops Little Irusan Icon.png Little Irusan

Cursed Heart Icon.png Cursed Heart

In order to summon Wendigo you will need to interact with the Summoning Circle 3 times. The locations are random and you will need to spend 10x Life Force Icon.png Life Force (drop from Witchqueen Gwenfara) each time you click on it.

Summoning Circle.jpg

Note: you need 10x Life Force Icon.png Life Force every time you click on the circle.

  • If you are interrupted you will need to spend 10x Life Force Icon.png Life Force again.
  • If you click by mistake and move after, you will need to spend 10x Life Force Icon.png Life Force again.
  • If monster hits you while you are performing the summoning ritual, you will need to spend 10x Life Force Icon.png Life Force again

That means you could spend all of your resources without performing the summoning ritual even once.

Don't forget to take the Repeatable quest The Wendigo while going there.




GF VI Shop - Thabo.jpg

Shady Jon

Shady Jon - 1 Reinforcements.jpg Shady Jon - 2 Essences.jpg Shady Jon - 3 Event Travel Items.jpg Shady Jon - 4 Miscellaneous 1.jpg Shady Jon - 4 Miscellaneous 2.jpg

Unique Items




Steam Mechanicus

All Classes

Unique Item Crafting

Gwenfara's Ghost Claw - GF-VI CRAFTING.jpg Gwenfara's Ghostly Almanac - GF-VI CRAFTING.jpg Gwenfara's Ghostly Shroud - GF-VI CRAFTING.jpg


Challenge Quests

Discontinued Quests

Daily Quest

GF-DQ.jpg CK-DQ.jpg


Game Achievements-Events-Ghost Festival1.jpg Game Achievements-Events-Ghost Festival2.jpg Game Achievements-Events-Ghost Festival3.jpg Game Achievements-Events-Ghost Festival4.jpg

Tips & tricks


Only in Creepy Castle

Piglet locations are random.
Below are shown all locations.

Creepy Castle piglet-map.fw.png


  • When playing the Creepy Castle, you can take the Will-o'-the-wisp quest and discard it when you kill all 3 monsters. You can take it again and do the same every run. This way you can slightly increase your item drop.
  • Certain champions in Oldfield can be farmed because they are respawning (champions at the broken bridge in example) ;)
  • You can fast farm items and resources without exiting maps on all difficulties ;)