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Ghastly Grave
Ghastly Grave Map-0
Basic Info
Event Curse of the Black Knights - Return of Dragan, II, III, IV, V, VI
Monster Levels Scale to player's level
Level Requirement 15-55
Difficulty Normal - Infernal VII
Entry Requirement Empowered Cursed Pearl Icon Empowered Cursed Pearl
Nearest Urban Area Kingshill
Unique Boss Ghastly Black Widow
Possible Rewards Dragan's Protective Armor
Draken Core1 Icon Draken Core
Black Widow (Epic Mount) Black Widow (Epic Mount)
Fire Gnome Horns Icon Fire Gnome Horns

Ghastly Grave Infernal III entrance

Offering Brazier GG

Grima the Merchant[]

After defeating Ghastly Black Widow you can buy equipment from Grima's shop.
Grima - Ghastly Grave