Drakensang Online Wiki
Ice Projectile
Frozen Sphere
Sw Spellweaver
Damage 50% base damage to all enemies within path,
200% base damage upon impact
Element Ice, Physical
Range Medium
Effect Travel speed reduced by 50% and attack speed reduced by 15%
Duration of Effect 1,0 seconds
Area of Effect Straight path,
2,5 meter radius circle upon impact
Essence cost 4
Mana -50
>>Required Level 45

Frozen Sphere

Frozen Sphere is an ability for Spellweavers. It is unlocked at level 45.


Summon a Frozen Sphere that will float in one direction, causing 50% of your base damage as ice damage to all enemies in its path.

All foes in its path will be covered in frost for 1,0 second, reducing their movement speed by 50% and their attack speed by 15%.

The frozen sphere will eventually explode, causing all foes within 2.5 meter radius up to 200% of your damage base as ice damage.

Talent enhancements[]

Icon Talent Enchancements Level Cost
Ice Projectile Painful Frostbite The frost effect of Frozen Sphere now lasts 2 seconds. 46 2
Ice Projectile Icy Charge When Frozen Sphere explodes, you'll regenerate 10 mana for each foe you hit. 48 3
Ice Projectile Snow Storm Increases the damage of Frozen Sphere's explosion by 66%. 49 5