Frost nova.png
Frost Nova
Sw.png Spellweaver
Damage 80% base damage
Element Ice, Physical
Range Self
Effect Frozen
Duration of Effect 2,0 (PvP: 1,0) seconds
Area of Effect 4,0 meter radius circle
Cooldown 20 seconds
Essence cost 3
>>Required Level 6

Frost Nova.gif

Frost Nova is an ability for Spellweavers. It is unlocked at level 6.

Description[edit | edit source]

Unleashes a Frost Nova, causing 80% of your base damage as ice damage to all foes within a 4,0 meter radius. Affected foes will be frozen for 2,0 (PvP: 1,0) seconds.

Talent enhancements[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Cost
Frost nova.png Bitter Cold Foes hit by the Frost Nova will now be frozen for 3 (PvP: 1,3) seconds. 7 2
Frost nova.png Clear Mind Using the Frost Nova frees you from negative effects, such as stuns. 8 3
Frost nova.png Ice Age If a Frost Nova hits an already-frozen foe, it will cause an explosion that will inflict 80% of your base damage as ice damage to all foes within a 2.5 meter radius. 15 5

Usage[edit | edit source]

Despite of its short range, Frost Nova is considered to be the Spellweavers' best skill against melee enemies. With an instant area of effect freeze, it completely disables all enemies around the player for long periods. With addictional enhancements from the different talents, Frost Nova becomes one of the most used skills by Spellweavers, both in PvP and PvE.

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