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Fortress of the Alliance
Basic Info
Type Dungeon
Region Grimmagstone (new)
Nearest Urban Area Grimford
Unique Boss Undead Grimmag

Fortress of the Alliance (version 2) is the final tutorial map, reached after Grimmagstone. Once completed, it can no longer be accessed by players.


Name Level Type
Undead Ranger Undead Ranger 6 Normal
Undead Dragonknight Undead Dragonknight 6 Normal
Burning Dragonknight Corpse Burning Dragonknight Corpse 6 Normal
Anderworld Creature Anderworld Bailiff 6 Normal
Powerful Anderworld Creature Powerful Anderworld Bailiff 6 Normal
Undead Grimmag Undead Grimmag 6 World Boss


Name Type
Master Vithrandir Master Vithrandir (after
defeating Undead Grimmag)
Quest Keeper