Drakensang Online Wiki
Fatal Difficulty Modifications N
Level Requirement 50 +
<< Excruciating Infernal I >>

Difficulty Modifications: (relative to normal level)

  • Monster Damage: 400%
  • Monster Health Points: 800%
  • Guardian, Champion and Leader monsters have 1-2 additional abilities.
  • Sentinel and Boss monsters have 3 additional enhancements. Each enhancement gives an additional ability to the boss and increases its damage and health point values.
  • Experience points for defeated monsters: 400%
  • You can find items of Tier 3. Base values on ImprovedMagicExtraordinary Tier 3 items have a power range of 61%-100% from the possible maximum values on your character level. 
  • Base values on Legendary Tier 3 items have a power range of 80%-100% from the possible maximum values on your character level. The chance to have enchantments with high or golden values on items increases with each tier.
  • Size of dropped items stacks: 250% for Andermant, 250% for coins, Materi Fragments, Access items and other special currencies.