Drakensang Online Wiki
Explosive Arrow

Shoots an Explosive Arrow That will cause its target 50% of your base damage as physical 'damage.

Marked foes who are hit will suffer double the damage  'The arrow will explode shortly after penetration 'and cause the foe it hit, as well as all others 'within a 3.2 meter radius, 150% of your base 'damage as physical damage.


Icon Damage DPS Element Range AoE CC
Explocive Arrow 150% base damage None Physical full range 3.2 metre range of hit None


Icon Talent Enhancements Cost Level
Explocive Arrow Heavy Arrows Increases the direct damage caused by the Explosive Arrow by 33% 2 46
Explocive Arrow Dwarven Powder Increases Explosive Arrow explosion damage by 33% 3 48
Explocive Arrow Armor Piercer If Explsive Arrow hits a marked enemy, the explosion reduces the armor and resistance values of all effected foes by 85% for 3 (PVP:2) seconds 5 49