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VII: May 23, 2013 - May 25, 2013

The Ghastly Gnob, the event merchant, offers specialty items upon his arrival in Duria. Trade draken Drak14 with the Gnob to purchase his items.

Item Name Type Cost
Darkpauld Dark Pauldrons Unique Armor Drak14 1000
Darkboots Dark Boots Unique Armor Drak14 1000
Darkhelmet Dark Helmet Unique Armor Drak14 1000
Darkgloves Dark Gloves Unique Armor Drak14 1000
Dh4 Dark Heart Fragment 4 Armor piece Drak14 650
Eggnog Elixir of Spring Buff Drak14 5
Candy Sticky-as-Tar Candy Blessing Drak14 20
Pitch black Pitch Black Dyes Drak14 200
Brittle Brittle Bone Dyes Drak14 180
Yellow dye Sunflower Yellow Dyes Drak14 100
Red dye Rosy Red Dyes Drak14 100
Fine steed White (Mount) Mounts Drak14 480
Yellow ess Essences of Vitality Essences Drak14 50
Stormball keepy-uppy Stormball keepy-uppy Emotes Drak14 150
Simple stormball horn Simple Stormball Horn Emotes Drak14 25
Festive stormball horn Festive Stormball Horn Emotes Drak14 150
Pumpkin head Eerie Jack-O'-Lantern Costumes Drak14 50
Warrior head Helios Helmet of Honor Costumes Drak14 80
Helios3 Helios Panzer of Honor Costumes Drak14 100
Helios2 Helios Pauldrons of Honor Costumes Drak14 150
Helios4 Finest Leather Straps Costumes Drak14 5