Drakensang Online Wiki

The Ghastly Gnob returns once again to sell his goods. 23rd of September - 26th of September.

Weapons Price
Staff of eternal flame Staff of Eternal Flame Sw Drak14 6000
Life-keeper Life-keeper Dk Drak14 6000
Bouncing blade Bouncing Blade R Drak14 6000
Friend of grenadiers Friend of Grenadiers D Drak14 6000
Protective Gear Price
Darkhelmet Helmet of Darkness Drak14 3500
Darkpauld Pauldrons of Darkness Drak14 1900
Darkheart Heart of Darkness Drak14 3500
Darkgloves Grip of Darkness Drak14 1900
Darkboots Trace of Darkness Drak14 1900
Dh4 Stone of Darkness Drak14 300
Colors Price
Red dye Rosy Red Drak14 100
Yellow dye Sunflower Yellow Drak14 100
Helios dye Fine Bronze Drak14 180
Brittle Brittle Bone Drak14 180
Pitch black Pitch Black Drak14 200
Mounts Price
Batytleboar Battle Boar Drak14 5000
Onyx dragon Onyx Dragon Drak14 2000
Hell Mare Hell Mare Drak14 650
Terror Terror Horse Drak14 650
Red horse Red Armored War Horse Drak14 650
Steed of truth Steed of Truth Drak14 650
Fine steed White (Mount) Drak14 480
Collar of submission Choker of Submission Drak14 500
Black egg Black Dragonspawn Egg Drak14 500
Steam Hot Steam Incubator Drak14 500
Growth Growth Accelerator Drak14 500