Drakensang Online Wiki

Event Merchant 13 (banner) The Ghastly Gnob returns once again to sell his goods.

Protective Gear Price
Witch hat Witch Hunter Helmet Drak14 1250
Witch pauldrons Witch Hunter Pauldrons Drak14 1250
Witch armor Witch Hunter Jerkin Drak14 1250
Witch hat Powerful Witch Hunter Helmet Drak14 2750
Witch pauldrons Powerful Witch Hunter Pauldrons Drak14 2750
Witch armor Powerful Witch Hunter Jerkin Drak14 2750
Tear holder Tear Holder Drak14 4000
Bloodtooth Bloodtooth Drak14 4000
Dragonshackles Dragon Shackles Drak14 4000
Darkhelmet Dark Helmet Drak14 1000
Darkpauld Dark Pauldrons Drak14 1000
Darkgloves Dark Gloves Drak14 1000
Darkboots Dark Boots Drak14 1000
Darkheart Dark Heart Drak14 2600
Dark heart Dark Heart Fragment 1 Drak14 650
Dh2 Dark Heart Fragment 2 Drak14 650
Dh3 Dark Heart Fragment 3 Drak14 650
Dh4 Dark Heart Fragment 4 Drak14 650
Colors Price
Red dye Rosy Red Drak14 100
Yellow dye Sunflower Yellow Drak14 100
Helios dye Fine Bronze Drak14 180
Brittle Brittle Bone Drak14 180
Pitch black Pitch Black Drak14 200
Mounts Price
Batytleboar Battle Boar Drak14 5000
Hell Mare Hell Mare Drak14 650
Steed of truth Steed of Truth Drak14 650
Terror Terror Horse Drak14 650
Fine steed White (Mount) Drak14 480
Miscellanous Price
Demon Demon Costume Drak14 450
Gold costume Warrior of Truth Drak14 500
Camo Chameleon Skin Drak14 350
Kalinka Malinka Kalinka Malinka Drak14 200
Laughing fit Laughing Fit Drak14 150
Bow Bow Drak14 150
Attack Attack! Drak14 250