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Elixirs are a type of mixture added in R214, which provide a buff, usually absolute, to a character state (state depends on the type). The buff lasts for 20 seconds and has a cooldown of 2 minutes. They come in different rarities as well - so far they can be common, improved or magic. The better the rarity, the stronger the effect. Every Alchemist NPC sells all the possible Elixirs from his region, for both gold and andermant (with the price higher for higher rarities). All of them can be crafted as well, and the ingredients for them can be harvested in the Scaling Normal Dungeons of every region except for the Duria region (Slifmoor+Shorefolk), with two possible ingredients per region (which make up for two possible states that are increased by Elixirs from that region). The rarity of the outcome will depend on the rarity of the ingredients, and thus the difficulty of the dungeon where it was harvested. Every craft requires a Vial of the correct rarity, which can be bought from any Crafting Master.

The reason why there are no Elixirs in Duria is probably that the states attributed to that region are HP and Resource, and buffs to those states don't make much sense for such a low duration, since you would have to somehow regenerate your HP and Resource to make use out of the increased maximum value; Potions are of better use.

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