Drakensang Online Wiki

Dungeons are instanced areas in which multiple copies of the map exist simultaneously. A new map will be created every time an individual enters the location. Players in the same group will be transported to the same instance as the first player who enters the dungeon and will face all the enemies as a group. Unlike the Wilderness, monsters will not respawn after death. Many dungeons have multiple difficulty levels: Normal, Difficult, and Parallel.


Normal dungeons have multiple shabby chests and Treasure chests throughout the map. All of these locations can be accessed through a travel stone.


Catacombs icon.png

Crypt icon.png Hagastove icon.png Wildherz icon.png
Eternal grovwe ico.png Root ico.png Pos icon.png Liar icon.png Loxlry icon.png
Stonekeep ico.png Fbi icon.png Fortress teganswall ico.png Tegans sanct icon.png Dragon cave icon.png
Hidden sanct icon.png Hailstone iccon.png Eternal watch icon.png Mt suvius icon.png Spawning group icon.jpg
Tempke icon.png Abyss of time icon.jpg Atlantis above water icon.jpg The gleaming icon.png Stalgard icon.png
Stillwater Bay map.jpg Frog River Delta map.jpg Fjalnir's Cradle of Frost map.jpg Oceanus's Opal Shrine map.jpg Fyrgon's Path of Fire map.jpg
Cradle of Life map.jpg Artaya's Sanctum map.jpg Cradle of Death map.jpg Chamber of Offerings map.jpg Sealed Sepulcher map.jpg
Great desert.png Evergreen oasis.png Temple of agony.png Deeps of Demise - 1st floor.jpg Spiky valley.png
Treasure cave.png

Boss Dungeons[]

Boss dungeons behave like a normal dungeon and is accessed through a neighboring dungeon. These locations house a Unique boss -- with no frills of a normal dungeon. Because the main goal is to defeat the boss, other monsters that may pose a challenge will not drop items. No travel stones are located in these areas, so defeated players must spend A.png120 to revive or rely on group members in order to revive in the same location.

Khalys icon.png Tegans ceremmomial icon.png Hjalgrimur icon.png Descecrayted icon.png Mortis courtroom icon.png
Telepoticcon.png AAH map.jpg Yolotl map.jpg Closed Chamber Map.jpg Djinn's Chamber map.jpg

Parallel Worlds[]

These dungeons only exist in the Parallel World. Monster level will scale to the highest level player in the group.

Oob icon.png Halls icon.png

Event Dungeon[]

Event dungeons function separately from normal locations and require a portal key to enter. If a simultaneous event is occurring, event mechanics do not apply to these dungeons.

Varholm icon.png Blackborg icon.png