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The Pit
Basic Info
Type Arena
Nearest Urban Area Jarlshofn
Match Time 2 minutes

The Duels arena is played in rounds. Go head-to-head against one other player in a fight to the death. At the end of each round, all skills and consumable cooldowns are reset. The first player to 2 kill wins the match.

"Exhaustion" will begin once the match clock runs out (2 mins). Players will continually lose hit points every second until one player is defeated or dies of exhaustion. 

Quest Reward[]

At the end of battle, attain Badges of Honor and special Capture the Flag Achievements for successes in the arena.


Sonja Storskjarva in Jarlshofn rewards you for wins in the Duels Arena with the Traditional Norseman Garb and the Armed Norse Bear. Wins needed to complete each of the 5-part quest::

I: 20
II: 60
III: 200
IV: 600
V: 600 (Mount)
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