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Database is updated up to Release 149 (April 2015)


The Drakensang Optimizer ,developed by Raphaël Morineau, simulates your character properties after you input equipped items and other relevant information. Mix & match equipment and easily compare changes to your character.

Browser-specific notes:
IE browser - saving issues & graphical glitches

Top Menu[]

  • Save - Save a report of your input data onto your harddrive, which can be reloaded at a later time
  • Load - Open a saved report
  • Forum - Visit the Optimizer Forums for developer notes and discussions.
  • About - View version and developer information.

Inputting data[]


  • Enter your class, experience level, and knowledge in the top-left panel.
  • Enter information about your opponent in the box on the right.
  • If your opponent is another player, you will also need to add information about respective PvP levels.
  • Rangers: specify if your opponent is marked by (un)checking the corresponding box. (enemies assumed to be marked by default)
  • Scroll down to the bottom panel "Talent" and input talents from your experience tree that affect damage or defensive output.


  • Click on the blank image of an equipment to edit its stats.
  • For normal (non-unique) equipment, enter any base value and enchantment value(s).
  • Entering unique items will automatically input preset item descriptions.
  • Add any embedded gems from the drop-down selection.
  • "Register" your item to lock in desired properties.

Shortcut keys[]

  • ENTER - when in editor, validates item changes
  • ESCAPE - when in editor, cancels item changes
  • Right-click on an existing item - deletes item

Offense and Defense Statistics[]

After you input all your information, effective offensive and defensive % properties will be automatically calculated on the left vertical panels. Note that the bonus from pets do not apply in the PvP arena.

Attack Efficiency takes into account your base damage, critical hit rate, critical damage value and attack speed.

To compare 2 "builds of equipments," first input your current build and write down the efficiency values obtained; then change the desired equipment(s) and compare the new efficiency values with the original values.
Alternative method: open 2 tabs/windows in your browser: first with your current build, but the other with the new build, useful when more than one single item change.

Damage dealt by individual skills is displayed next to each skill image; damage dealt from a critical hit is displayed in yellow text.

Attack speed steps

Each individual skill having a specific framerate, a 3rd column can be checked to display corresponding attack speed range, and related DPS.
This allows one to know how much attack speed to add/remove to bump up one step.

Test/Debugging version[]

This linksto the test version of this optimizer.