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Char I

n this mystical world full of wonder and peril, long-forgotten creatures have started to re-emerge from the shadows of history. After witnessing the rise of humans, these creatures were pushed to the brink of extinction and forced into hiding. Their world crumbled and a new empire was born. Yet time has broken the new order that was meant to last for an eternity, and dark minions have gathered their strength and unleashed humanity's oldest foe: The dragon. Filled with a terrifying wrath built up over centuries, the dragon and its followers now wage a brutal war on the world. A deadly new era is dawning and humanity needs a new kind of hero to fight for the very survival of mankind.

Region Grimmagstone

Char T
he road to Grimmagstone is older than the kingdom itself. Over two thousand years ago, as the empire began to take shape, a spellcaster of the first circle was buried deep in the earth, now marking this holy pilgrimage site.

The great Agathon himself blessed the spellcaster's grave, granting passing pilgrims a vision of their fate.
This idyllic path leads to a sleepy village of peat-cutters and fishermen who carry on their traditions peacefully.
The source of their livelihood is the bog which has been recently plagued by strange creatures. Even pilgrims no longer dare take the pilgrim's path north of the village.
The presence of the old order and other strange occurrences has led the village priests to suspect that something terrible has befallen Grimmagstone.

"Follow the path - there your destiny awaits."

Region Wiltwuxshire

Char A
trip through the area surrounding Kingshill leads travelers to places long since forgotten in the shadows of time. Much awaits those brave enough to wander into the shadows.

The Wildherz caves bear the story of human culture's humble origins and forgotten deities. Remnants of worship sites can also be found in Hagastove Grotto, where practitioners of magic fled during the empire and to this day refuse to follow the strict codex of the Spellweavers.
Wars of the past are now buried under earth and grass. The stone witnesses of the empire have long since crumbled to pieces. The once hard fought battle for survival in Swerdfield near Kingshill lies beneath the pastures' cultivated grass. Yet a new hunting season has opened and those who dare cross the fields and woods of Willuxshire are taking their own lives into their hands.

"Only try to brush fairies away - never attempt to control them."

Region Kingshill

Char L
ong ago, Heredur the great commander ordered the construction of a fortress, thus severing the ties to the dying empire and crowning himself king of Duria.

Today in 1190, whispers of impending war flutter about the streets, behind the high walls of Kingshill.
While the king sits idly by, attending only to matches in the arena, a forgotten cult schemes in the shadows, and fear slowly begins to spread.
Prince Aldred, the kingdom's last hope, hasn't been sighted since entering the city's catacombs. The priests remain persistently silent, denying what they know and fear.

"Are there no heroes? Or do the last heroes lie in eternal rest under Kingshill?"

Region Slifmoor

Char T
he small town of Grovery was once known throughout Duria for its precious and processed metals. In the nearby farms lived the hard-working people peacefully in the shadow of the local mountain.

Then came the Nefertari cult, who began spreading insidious lies from the abandoned monastery. Now the local inhabitants have fallen pray to their dark goddess and worship her dark-glowing statues which have arisen above the dense fog that now plagues the land. Undead have awoken and patrol the nearby ghost town which is illuminated only by the flickering light of lightning lanterns. Powerful magic chains span across this downtrodden land with fields that grow wild and houses that lapse further into decay.
But yet their is one last shimmer of hope. While the Nefertari High priestess Khalys crafts her sinister plans in the old monastery, a bright light burns deep within the cellar of the Werian Sanctuary.

"Anyone who can recognize our true enemy and values freedom can rightfully call themselves a hero."

Region Shorfolk

Char O
n the eastern coast of the little island kingdom of Duria lies the harbor city of Shorfolk. The proud trading capital and gateway to the world has always played an important economic and military role within the kingdom.

Today, Shorfolk stands in flames. Dragon-like creatures invest its charred streets and smoldering ruins, while the Wild Hunt makes escape along the the Burning Coast treacherous. Any citizen who was lucky enough to flee in time has made their way West and landed in the deadly trap of Troll Canyon. The Andermagic within the region is causing the earth itself to spring to life and calling forth the beasts which gave the canyon its name.
Yet a few brave souls have ventured into the chaos of Shorfolk to retaliate against the enemy and have established a resistance camp. They're calling for heroes to follow them in their path and take arms against the growing peril.

"The fate of Shorfolk demonstrates not only our enemy's ability to create unimaginable destruction but also our enemy's sick delight in causing it."

Region Teganswall

Char H
igh atop the eastern-most mountain of Duria towers the old fortress of Teganswall like a memorial over the coastal region of Shorfolk. As early as the time of Heredur, too few Dragonknights were charged with the task of defending its walls. They would withdraw to the gatehouse and venture down the arduous path to complete the ancient rites passed down to them, no longer aware of the true fact why they must: To protect the gate to the Anderworld!

Only after the Nefertari cult succeeded in overwhelming the fortress and freeing Duria's oldest enemy did it become clear why Tegan had constructed this fortress so many centuries ago.
Brave heroes alone will be able to end the cult's abominable experiments in Teganswall and find their ancient path through the Dragon Caverns to the hidden Sanctum. There lies Tegan's Ceremonial Hall, where the greatest threat Duria has ever faced stands between the two worlds.

"The weight of the past is vast - so vast as to shake the very foundations of our world.“

Region Torstrond

Char T
he village of Jarlshofn lies beyond the dark sea, on the much celebrated thunder coast, called Torstrond by the Norsemen. Long did the coastal towns of Duria live in fear of a local bearded warrior’s bladed dragon boats, until a young King Harold and the Jarl of the Norselands made a pact of eternal peace.

But evidence of this peace can hardly be felt in the stormy coastal village anymore. Torstrond, recently home to hunters, fishermen and tanners, is now a bloody battlefield. In Förge, the village of blacksmiths, followers of power-hungry Nefertari have once again struck fear into the hearts of the brave warriors, and stolen their souls.
While the Norse warriors in Jarlshofn hope for the return of the Jarl from the north, in the middle of summer a sudden winter approaches, an icy wind that shrouds the entire land. It's as if the cold itself is closing its frosty grip on all that is living.

„Where the sea thunders in the harbor, the wind bites into the coast and the men have beards - that is the place where heroes are born."

Region Helios

Char I
n the Southwind Sea, behind the Strait of Grabiltur, lies the forgotten islands of Helios. The most beautiful of these is said to be Ellonidos, ringed by crystal-clear water and only a stone's throw from the overgrown volcanic island of Mystras. There are signs that Mystras served for a time as the home of the exotic Atlanteans, an advanced civilization that sank over three thousand years ago into the sea.

Much later, the freedom-loving people of Helios settled on the island and built their villages between ruins whose antiquated grandeur indicates an attempt by the empire centuries ago to solve the mystery of the Atlantis myth.
Today's expedition isn't just to find the sunken island, but also the beings of the Anderworld that are still haunting Mystra. They were the first to venture into the fiery depths of the Volcano Suvius where the defeated imperial army still seeks to conquer Atlantis.

"When the sun shines to the ocean's floor, when the past catches up to the present, only then will Atlantis be found in the currents."

Region Atlantis

Char F
or thousands of years the former glory of Atlantis lay sunken on the ocean floor, and it faded into myth. Many have sought the legendary island, but none found it - until now. Brave heroes follow the hints gleaned from an expedition and set off on an old path, the road to Ashraya.

Ashraya is where the Atlanteans fled when their home sank below the waves; it is a shimmer of hope in the deep. Those found worthy of passing through the Gorgon Gate will strike upon the last of the Atlanteans there, and with the knowledge of a path leading to the old port of Atlantis, which is now a Ship Graveyard and the home of the subjugated Zorlobb and Jabbax.
In the heart of Atlantis daring wanderers can explore the old sovereign quarters, now filled with the horrible Gorgons. The purpose of the expedition lies in the Temple district, where sea god Oceanos is grappling with the snake Gorga in eternal battle.

"The temple of Atlantis once shone brightly with wisdom, yet when the rulers raised themselves above it, a bottomless abyss opened into infinitely dark depths."