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Realm path to Shnri-La

July 2015

Server Start Date/Time (CEST UTC+2) End Date/Time (CEST UTC+2)
EU Servers 7th July 14:00 pm 19th July 14:00 pm
Agathon 7th July 06:00 pm 19th July 06:00 pm
Tegan 7th July 09:00 pm 19th July 09:00 pm

November 2015

Server Start Date/Time (CET UTC+1) End Date/Time (CET UTC+1)
EU Servers 18th November 12:00 30th November 12:00
Agathon 18th November 18:00 30th November 18:00
Tegan 18th November 21:00 30th November 21:00

February 2016

Server Start Date/Time (CET UTC+2) End Date/Time (CET UTC+1)
EU Servers 25th February July 12:00 29th February 12:00
Agathon 25th February 18:00 29th February 18:00
Tegan 25th February 21:00 29th February 21:00

May 2016 (POSTPONED)

Server Start Date/Time (CET UTC+1) End Date/Time (CET UTC+1)
EU Servers

Progress Rewards

Desert of Essences IV

Essence Tears will grant a temporary buff of faster attack and travel speed.

Total = Drak14 380

Shanri-La at Night

Shanri-La at Night

Summoning the Berserkers and Brutes

Essence Shard Needed Essence Shard
Green Brute x5
Blue Brute x10
Purple Brute x15
Red Brute x25
Yellow Brute(hard mode) x30
Essence Core Needed Essence Core
Green Berserker x10
Blue Berserker x20
Purple Berserker x40
Red Berserker x50
Yellow Berserker(hard mode) x60

Event Uniques

Name Type Location Note
Essence gear1B pauldronsV glovesY boots Essence Armament Unique Armor Berserker Scales to player level
Special Essence HelmetSpecial Essence PauldronsSpecial Essence ArmorSpecial Essence GlovesSpecial Essence Boots Special Essence Armament Unique Armor Yellow Berserker at Shanri-la at night Scales to player level
GreenvortexBlue vortexViolet vortexYellow vortexRed vortex Essence Vortex Costume Berserker
Green spoutEssence spoutViolet spout imgYellow spoutRed spout Essence Spout Pet Berserker Pet efficacy based on color (+1, +2, +3, +4, +5% HP)
Riverdance1 Irish River Dance Emote Jullov's quest 7 Day duration

Map of mini-bosses and bosses

Pustynia Esencji - Bossowie.dsomap


Essences Hearts-0 Violet Essence Heart Dangerous Essences Essence Creatures Jullov's Fishing Hole 1001 Jullov-0 1001 Jullov 2

Hidden Piglets

The piglets on the maps are on the same spot as always.
You can see the locations in the first Desert of Essences event page.