December 6 - December 11, 2013

Official Guide

Event Breakdown:

  • Trade 10x Realm Fragmentsfor a Realm path shagri-la Realm Path to Shagri-La from Thabo.
  • Enter Shagri-La through the portal
  • Defeat colored vortexes which will drop essence pieces.
  • 5x Essence pieces will unlock an Essence Crystal of the same color and summon a "Brute." Brutes will drop Essence Cores.
  • Varying amounts of Cores are required to open Large Essence Crystals. These contain a "Berserker."

Entering Shagri-LaEdit

Realm path to shagri la

Collect Realm fragment a Realm fragments from worthy monsters and Thabo will trade 10x for a Realm path shagri-la Realm Path to Shagri-La through the quest Shagri-La. These may also be purchased for A 700 each or A 2900 for a stack of 5x.

Enter in groups of up to 5x players; monsters scale to highest level player and difficulty increases with additional players

Progress RewardsEdit

Desert of essence progress

Essence Tears will grant a temporary buff of faster attack and travel speed.

  • 25 Essence Tear = Drak14 10
  • 85 Essence Tear = 2 Amphorae keyAmphorae Keys
  • 135 Essence Tear = Drak14 20
  • 200 Essence Tear = 999x Essence of combat Essence of Combat
  • 285 Essence Tear = Violet core Violet Essence Core
  • 390 Essence Tear = Drak14 30
  • 520 Essence Tear = 999x Purpleess Essence of War
  • 675 Essence Tear = Yellow core Yellow Essence Core
  • 860 Essence Tear = Drak14 40
  • 1075 Essence Tear = 999x Essence of destruction Essence of Destruction
  • 1325 Essence Tear = Red core Red Essence Core
  • 1610 Essence Tear = Drak14 60
  • 1935 Essence Tear = Riverdance1 Riverdance (emote - consumable)
  • 2300 Essence Tear = Greenvortex Green Essence Vortex (costume)
  • 2705 Essence Tear = Drak14 70
  • 3160 Essence Tear = Green spout Green Essence Spout (pet)
  • 3615 Essence Tear = Drak14 90

Total = Drak14 320

Shady Jon ShopEdit

Desrt shop1



  • Shagri-La (re) : 10x Realm Fragments .................. Realm Path to Shagri-La




Storm distribution

Shagri-La consists of 5 color sections, each with a different difficulty level. Collect Essence Tears to progress in the event. Complete quests to collect addition rewards.

Event Progress:

1. Defeat Essence Vortexes and collect Essence Pieces.
Essence vortex Essence piece2
2. 5x Essence pieces will unlock an Essence Crystal of the same color and summon a "Brute." Brutes may drop Essence Cores.
Essence crystal Essence brute Essence core
3. Varying amounts of Cores are required to open Large Essence Crystals. These contain a "Berserker" that will be accompanied by its pet(s). Berserkers will always drop a unique reward.
Large crystal Color berserker

Event Chart:

Type Difficulty Element Disabling Skill # of Cores Berserker Drop
Green Easy Poison Poisoning 10 Improved unique
Blue Easy/Med Cold Freeze 10 Magic unique
Violet Medium Andermagic Dark Despair 15 Extraordinary unique
Yellow Hard Lightning Slowed 20 Draken
Red Hardcore Fire Burn Up 25 Legendary unique
Essence Brute Disabling Effects:
Poisoning Freeze Dark despair Slowed Burn up

Possible Festive Amphorae drops:

  • (color) Essence Piece
  • (color) Essence Core
  • Essence Tear
  • Draken
  • ...

Event UniquesEdit

Name Type Location Note
Essence gear1B pauldronsV glovesY boots

Essence Armament

Unique Armor Berserker Scales to player level, no need to ID
GreenvortexBlue vortexViolet vortexYellow vortexRed vortex Essence Vortex Costume Berserker
Green spoutEssence spoutViolet spout imgYellow spoutRed spout Essence Spout Pet Berserker Pet efficacy based on color (+1, +2, +3, +4, +5% HP)
Riverdance1 Irish River Dance Emote Jullov's quest 7 Day duration
Essence voucher Essence Merchant Voucher Quest item Daily event bonus Trade for temporary rewards from Shagri-La NPCs


Find piggies in the map for a bonus 10x Essence Tear and a possible drop of Essence Piece/Core.

Desert red

Gourouni ousiwn 6 Gourouni ousiwn 5 Gourouni ousiwn 9 Gourouni ousiwn 8 Essences1Piggies1-5

R desert

Drakensangonline 2013-12-06 22-10-30-69 Drakensangonline 2013-12-06 21-45-37-87 Piglet9 Essence1Piggie2-4 Pigletnr5

Green desert

Gourouni ousiwn 2 Drakensangonline 2013-12-06 21-45-37-87 Gourouni ousiwn 3 Image r4 Essence1Piggie3-5

Map black
Gourouni ousiwn 4 Gourouni ousiwn 7 Pigi Essence1Piggie4-4 Essence1Piggie4-5

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