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Death Sweep

"Brandish your blade blow and cause 35% of your basic damage as physical damage on all enemies directly in front of you. Hit targets will be poisoned for 3,0 (PvP: 3,0) seconds and suffer per second 35% of your basic damage as physical damage. The attack speed of poisoned enemies will also be reduced by 20%"

Death Swing is the first melee skill Rangers will get. This skill is mostly used at lower levels to kill low health enemies that are too close for the arrows to be effective. Although it becomes almost useless at higher level zones, and most players totally remove this skill from their hotkey bar, its damage against marked enemies is the same as the Precision Shot (hitting non-marked targets), and has no concentration cost.


Icon Damage DPS Element Range AoE CC
Death swing 35% base damage None None Melee Yes No

Talent Trees enhancements[]

Icon Skill name Enchancements Level Tree
Death swing Calculated Blows Marks the enemies strucked by 6 seconds 5 EXP
R101 Better Basic Combat Techniques Deals 33% more damage to players 10 PVP