Note : starting from August 2020 the game can be only played in Internet Explorer 11 browser
only on Windows 10. In order to play the game on Windows 7 and/or via Firefox browser
please read the following guide.

While the game can be played in Internet Explorer 11 browser, it can be also played in the native Thin Client.
Check Technical Info for minimum system requirements and troubleshooting.

DSO Client

First you need to download the client from the Official Game Site and then install it.
Once the client has been installed, launch the game and download the game files. It is recommended not to start the game while the files are being downloaded, even if the game says you can launch it. Just wait for the full download and then launch the game.

Different Client versions

The game can be played both on Windows OS and MacOS.
However, starting with R224 the dev team announced they are no longer working on updating the MacOS Client. The new MacOS version will no longer support the client so that means MacOS users can only play the game on older MacOS versions (knowing Apple and how they are forcing people to use their latest features it would be almost impossible to play on MacOS).
That leaves the Windows Client only possible option.
The game is not supported on Linux OS, but many Linux users were playing the game on Wine. We hope DSO devs will create Linux based client, knowing Linux is the future for operating systems and probably gaming.

Windows 32bit and 64bit Client

You can run 32bit game version via Internet Explorer 11 or by launching the DSO Client.
By default the game is running in 32bit version.
In order to start the 64bit Client version you need to do the following:

  • right click on the Client .exe or shortcut on your desktop
  • from the menu select "Properties"
  • in the properties window under the "Shortcut" tab find the field "Target"
  • at the end of the line insert "space" (space keyboard button) then insert "-x86_64"
  • click "Apply" and then "OK"
Live Server Client-properties.jpg

If you want to play on Test Server in 64bit DSO Client you need to follow the same steps as those mentioned above but you will need to add the following at the end of the line " -stable -x86_64" (there is 2x space on the start and after "stable").

Test Server Client-properties.jpg
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