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Cyclops Kid
Use, is not depleted when used.
This young cyclops easily gets enthusiastic about the big world. He still has a lot to learn but his heart is in right place.
Calls your little companion.

+ 62 Armor value (level dependent)
+ 4% all resistance values

+ 238 Armor value (level dependent)
+ 7% all resistance values

+ 550 Armor value (level dependent)
+ 10% all resistance values

+ 862 Armor value (level dependent)
+ 13% all resistance values

>> Requires level 1
Price: A 15,899
Not for sale
Obtained Through: Emilia (premium only)
during Premium Day

Obtainable from Emilia during Premium Day.

  • A 15899 / A 17309 (Deluxe Premium)