Crypt of Kings
Crypt of Kings map N.jpg
Basic Info
Region Kingshill (Region)
Monster Levels 15-16 (Normal)
Monsters scale to player's level on higher difficulty
Difficulty Normal to Infernal III
Nearest Urban Area Kingshill

Crypt of Kings is the second dungeon level that dwells at the heart of Kingshill. Enter through Catacombs and prepare yourself for tougher battle. Leads to Heredur's Mausoleum.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Cat chest.png

OUTDATED[edit | edit source]

Crypt of Kings
Basic Info
Region Kingshill (Region)
Monster Levels 15-16 (Normal), 40 (Parallel)
Nearest Urban Area Kingshill
Unique Boss King Heredur of Duria

Parallel[edit | edit source]

Crypt of Kings
Bosses Fragment
Glazius Icy Soul Mighty
Ibert the Plague Mighty
Agni the Arsonist Mighty
Blaze the Inflamer Mighty
Hadyn the Conjurer Mighty
King Heredur of Duria Powerful
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