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Creepy Castle
Creepy Castle map
Basic Info
Type Dungeon
Event Ghost Festival, II, III, IV
Monster Levels Monsters scale to players level.
Level Requirement 20
Difficulty Normal to Infernal IV
Entry Requirement None if you enter through Darkwood Path
Use Realm Path to the Creepy Castle Icon Realm Path to the Creepy Castle for direct access. 140x Fragment of Infernal Passage Icon Fragment of Infernal Passage on Infernal IV difficulty
Nearest Urban Area Kingshill
Unique Boss Witchqueen Gwenfara

Creepy Castle Inf4 N - Entrance Window

Burning Jack-o'-Crate and Jullov[]

BJ-o'-C BJ-o'-C drop Jullov in a barrel

Creepy Castle Inf3 ES

Easter Eggs(piglets)[]

It looks like they are random. Every pig can show up in any map at any of those locations.
Below are shown some of the patterns + other locations.

Other locations

6a Piglet Unknown-2 Piglet Unknown-3 Piglet Unknown-4-0 Piglet Unknown-5 Piglet Unknown-6 Piglet Unknown-7 Piglet Unknown-8