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Note: If you are familiar with the crafting basics you can skip to Extending Crafting Article
and read about the new changes.


Quick facts about Work bench and Crafting:

  • Starting with R215, you can open the workbench only after level 12
  • Work bench is in almost every town
  • Work bench activates on level 12. You can't use it before level 12.
  • Work bench needs 4 same rarity items to craft one item of a higher quality
  • Not all random combinations will work
  • As of Release 139 crafting items costs gold
  • As of Release 166 new set of rules are implemented to crafting.
    • (to view the old style crafting visit Crafting
  • With R185 some changes to the process of crafting were made. To read about the new changes to crafting <--- Visit That Article.


Find the Workbench in any Urban Area (except Grimford). Use it to:

Workbench 2.03 Crafting Workbench New

There are several requirements for combining enchanted equipment:

  • Update: With R198 Crafting Recipes have been introduced in he game. You can't craft anything if you don't have those Crafting Recipes.
  • You can combine different items. For example, you can drag and drop one ring, one glove, one boot and one robe into the crafting slots. However, the resulting item will be random. If you like surprises, try it. You never know what you'll get. If you're the kind of person that has to shake presents because you can't stand the suspense, stick to combining similar items.
  • The items can be of varying levels but keep in mind that if you combine a lower level with higher level items, the output will be of an average level. Whereas four of the same level item with result in a same level item.
  • All items must be of the same rarity. For example, four improved or four magical rings.
  • Crafting will cost some coins or Andermant. How much it costs will vary depending on the level of the rarity and level of the items on the work bench. In general, the higher the rarity, and the higher the level, the higher the cost. There is no difference between crafting with coins or crafting with Andermant. Crafting costs can be reduced with Premium or Deluxe Premium.


The new system of crafting comes with the new set of rules, although some rules are inherited (unchanged) from the previous Crafting system.

Ordinary Items

You can't use ordinary (white) items on workbench

Items With Gems

You can't craft items with Gems inside. In order to craft the items you need to take out the gemstones first. When you attempt to craft items with gems inside, the system warns you with the following message:

Gemstones inside

Low Level Items

Items below level 10 cannot be used at workbench!

Upgraded Items

You can't craft upgraded items. You need to take out all the Glyphs of Power first, in order to craft the items.

Equipped Items

All items that are currently equipped by your character can't be crafted at the workbench. The system is displaying the following warning message:

Equiped item message

Unique Items

Note: With R185 changes to process of crafting have been made. In particular, there is a new way of crafting level 50+ unique items. Visit the Extending Crafting Article to read about the new changes.
Unique Items can't be used at workbench.
Exception are specific Unique Items which are coming with tiers (Legacy Unique Items):

Incompatible Items

You can't craft incompatible items.
What incompatible items means? That means you can't craft:
- Items of different rarity (example: legendary + magic). You can only craft items of the same rarity (example: legendary with legendary, extraordinary with extraordinary, magic with magic and improved with improved)
- Legendary items of different type can't be combined. You can only craft legendary items of the same type. Example: only legendary boots, only legendary gloves, only legendary 1H or 2H weapons (you can't combine 1H + 2H weapons) ... etc.
- Quest items from different quests.

Incopatible Items of Different Rarity Quest Items No Craft Crafting Diff Type-0

Items With Old Enchantments

Items with old enchantments can't be crafted. Items with old enchantments are gloves with % critical damage, Jewelry (amulet, ring, belt, focus) with armor, (probably) low level old Grimmagstone items ... etc.

Old enchantments

General Guidelines for Crafting

Note: With R185 minor change to process of crafting has been made. Get familiar with the changes by visiting the Extending Crafting Article.

Inheriting enchantments

If the four items are identical (eg. 4 torsos), then there is the possibility of inheriting one or more lines of enchantment (and their value) from the raw items, as well as the creation of one new, completely random line.

For example:


Result Preview

If you insert 4 items of the same item type and rarity you will be able to see a preview of the stats of the item that will be the result of the crafting process. (left picture)

Should the items be of the same rarity but different item category/type, then the tooltip will not be able to give you a preview. (right picture)

Crafting gloves enchantments BC-0 Crafting diff type Show Stats

Preview: Inherited vs Random Enchantments
When combining 4 items of the same item category/type the 1 newly crafted item will always inherit a random selection of enchantments of the ingredients.

Crafting Leg Items Show Stats-0

When combining 4 items of different item category/type the enchantments will always be completely random.Before hitting the Combine button to finalize the crafting process, you will be able to see exactly how many enchantments will be inherited from the 4 ingredient items.

The preview will list up either:

  • + inherited enchantment


  • + random enchantment

Note: the following examples are made with items that have the maximum number of enchantments possible in their rarity.

Improved ItemsMagic Item
The crafted magic item will inherit 1 out of the 4 enchantments from the 4 improved items and will get 1 additional random enchantment. In total the crafted magic item will have 2 enchantments.

Magic ItemExtraordinary Item
The crafted extraordinary item will inherit 2 out of the 8 enchantments from the 4 magic items and will get 1 additional random enchantment. In total the crafted extraordinary item will have 3 enchantments.

Extraordinary ItemLegendary Item
The crafted legendary item will inherit 3 out of the 12 enchantments from the 4 extraordinary items and will get 1 additional random enchantment. In total the crafted legendary item will have 4 enchantments.

Legendary ItemNew Legendary Item
The crafted legendary item will inherit 4 out of the 16 enchantments from the 4 legendary items. In total the crafted legendary item will have 4 enchantments.

Combine levels:

  • 4 Ordinary = cannot combine
  • 4 Improved = 1 Magic
  • 4 Magic = 1 Extraordinary
  • 4 Extraordinary = 1 Legendary
  • 4 Legendary = 1 Legendary
  • 4 Unique Items = Generally cannot craft, with the exception of some event and parallel world level 50+ uniques. Unique crafting follow their own rules that do not apply to other items. Read the rules in the Extending Crafting Article.

Transferring the Enchantments

Once you have clicked Combine and the new item has been crafted, you will be able to see directly where the inherited enchantments originated from.
Note: All enchantments are scaling to a value appropriate to the final item's level.

Hover over the ingredient items with your mouse cursor and their tool tip will show you if the enchantment originated from the item. If the enchantment was inherited the enchantment will be highlighted in the color blue. If the enchantment did not make it to the newly crafted item, the enchantment will be greyed out. (see picture below)

All sorts of combinations are possible. The crafted item can inherit all enchantments from only one item, or sometimes none of the enchantments of an ingredient item. Simply take a look at the tool tip and see which enchantments have been greyed out, these are the enchantments that have not been inherited.

Crafting Leg Items-0Crafting Leg Items Show Stats-0

Finalizing Crafted Item

If you are satisfied with the result, you can click on Accept and finalize the crafting process. Should you be unsatisfied with the result and wanted to inherit other enchantments then you can click on Revert and try your luck again.

Revert Crafting-0

Revert Crafting

The Workbench allows you to revert 1 crafted item back to 2 of the 4 items it was crafted from, the ingredient items.

Revert Crafting First Two Slots

Only 2 out of the 4 ingredient items will be available again, not all 4 of them. Place the items that you prefer to keep in case you want to revert in the first and second slot from the left hand side (see picture). These items will be the 2 items that you will keep, in case you choose to revert.

Remember, reverting is only possible if you have 4 items of the same rarity and item type.

Once you have inserted the 4th and last item into the workbench a text will show up and notify you about the next step.

Only in case you won’t be able to revert and recover the 4 items that you use for crafting, the following message will pop up before you click the button Combine.

Revert Crafting First Two SlotsWarning

If you proceed anyway, then your items will be combined to 1 new item but you won’t be able to recover them at anymore.

Costs of revert crafting

Reverting a crafted item back to the 2 of 4 ingredient is will cost you 25% of the price you paid to combine them.

Slots for Gemstones and Runes

Newly crafted items always inherit slots of ingredient items, provided that the ingredient items had slots. The gem slots are always the average of the gem slots on the input items.
With the introduction of Runes all items get exactly the same number of Rune Slots with the number of Gem slots available in a particular item (they are inheriting the number of Gem Slots). If the item has 3 Gem Slots additional 3 Rune slots will open. If you later decide to open one or two more Gem Slots in that item, the same additional number of Rune Slots will open on the item (you don't pay any fee for opening them).

Gem-Rune slots

Example: If all 4 ingredient items have each 2 gem slots, then the crafted item will also have 2 gem slots. If 3 of the ingredient items each only have 1 gem slot and 1 ingredient item has 5 gem slots, then the crafted item will have 2 gem slots.
The crafted item will have same number of Rune Slots.

Simply count the number of gem slots on the ingredient items and divide it by 4, then you will know how many gem slots will be in the crafted item. Results with decimal numbers follow the rule of adjusting up- and downwards.

After dividing by 4, if the number ends with:

  • 0.25 = round down
  • 0.5 = round up
  • 0.75 = round up

Combing items of different categories

When combining items of the same rarity but different item category the following rules apply. If all 4 items are of a different type then each type bas 25% to be the crafted item type. The result item will have completely random stats based on its item type.

Crafting diff type-0

The more item types are the same, the higher the chance that the crafted item type will be the same. In the pictured example the chance to get a staff is 75% and the chance to get a book is 25%.

Ordinary equipment craft exampleOrdinary equipment craft example 1


  • Several quests require four quest items to be crafted into one new quest item.
  • Uniques cannot be crafted ... unless they come with Tiers.
  • One of the daily quest requires the player to craft one, two or four items.
  • Heavy spending players benefit the most.
  • If you don't stick to the community advices you will burn your gold/andermant in vain and make less progress with your desired items.

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