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Quick facts about Work bench and Crafting:

  • Work bench is in almost every town
  • Work bench needs 4 same rarity items to craft one item of a higher quality
  • Not all random combinations will work
  • As of Release 139 crafting items costs gold

Work bench

General Guidelines for Crafting

Combining four items of the same rarity (improved, magic, or extraordinary), level, and type will result in the same item of the next highest rarity.

You can craft 4 Improved Items(In green) to create 1 Magic item(in Blue), 4 Magic Items(Blue) to 1 Extra-Ordinary item(Pink), 4 Extra-Ordinary item to 1 Legendary Item(Orange)

Normal, legendary, and unique items cannot be used at the workbench.

Target crafting is highly suggested if you want a particular result.

Combining different items of the same levels will result in a random item (depending on the input items) of higher rarity. 

Combining items of different levels will result in an item of lower level and higher rarity.

The workbench is used to craft a few special items, all of which will have 'part ... of 4' in its description.


  • Several quests require four quest items to be crafted into one new quest item.
  • Uniques cannot be crafted.
  • One of the daily quest requires the player to craft one or three items.
  • Combining 4 identified items will create an unidentified higher quality item.
  • Combining 3 identified and 1 unidentified item will result in an unidentified higher quality item.