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Currently, there are four character classes from which a player must choose before venturing forth into Dracania.

  • Mystical Spellweavers use their mana to control the elements of fire, ice and lightning and strike down entire hordes of enemies.
  • Dragonknights are Dracania's most destructive close-combat warriors. Driven by the fury of their dragon legacy, they are capable of spectacular heroic feats. It's no wonder all enemies fear them!
  • Rangers are Dracania's deadliest archers. From afar, they can weaken their enemies with mystic attacks, only to obliterate them afterward in close combat using blade bows.
  • Steam Mechanici are Dracania's most skilled craftsmen. Their outstanding inventions, such as fully loaded firepower and rocket packs, make them one of the most dangerous and versatile opponents.
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