Chain of lightning.png
Chain Lightning
Sw.png Spellweaver
Damage 44% base damage,
59% base damage to electrified foes
Element Lightning, Physical
Range Medium
Effect Electrified
Duration of Effect 2,5 seconds
Area of Effect First enemy hit, jumps to other targets after hit
Essence cost 2
>>Required Level 18

Chain Lightning.gif

Chain Lightning is an ability for Spellweavers. It is unlocked at level 18.

Description[edit | edit source]

Fires Chain Lightning that deals 44% of your base damage as lightning damage to the hit foe and will hit two additional foes within a 4 meter radius.

Affected foes will be electrified for 2,5 seconds. Chain Lightning also deals 33% more damage to any currently electrified foes.

Talent enhancements[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Cost
Chain of lightning.png Charged Lightning Increases Chain Lightning damage by 10%. 19 2
Chain of lightning.png Lightning Bolt Increases Chain Lightning's speed by 33%. 20 3
Chain of lightning.png Feedback If Chain Lightning hits an already charged foe, there's a 15% chance he will be stunned for 1 (PvP .5) second. 21 5
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