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Solar Flame Stadium
Solar flame stadium
Basic Info
Type Arena
Nearest Urban Area Ellonidos
Match Time 15 minutes

The object of Capture the Flag (CTF) is to capture the enemy flag and bring it safely back to your base territory. The first team to bring back 3 flags wins the arena match.


Each team of 5 must work together grab an enemy flag. The individual who picks up the flag will experience a decrease in movement speed and attack speed. No mounts, movement skills or speed buff skill may be used while carrying the flag or else the flag will be dropped. In addition, if the flag holder is killed, the flag will drop to the ground. A team member may, then, pick up the flag and continue the journey, but if an opponent picks up the dropped flag, their flag automatically returns to their base location.

You cannot drop down an enemy flag in your base location if your team flag is also picked up by the opposing team. You must return your own flag before claiming an enemy flag.

Players who die in battle will be penalized from any action from 0-6 seconds, then transported back to their respawn location. If no team captures 3 flags before the time clock runs out (15 mins), the team with the highest number of captured flags wins the match. 

Note: Mounts can be used to move around the arena.


On the playing field, several defensive and offensive buffs may be picked up to temporarily boost abilities.


Health Powerful healing orbs increases your health to maximum.

Defense Improved Protection - increases your physical damage and resistance by +200% for 10 seconds.

Attack battle Improved Strategy - increases attack speed by 50% and damage by 50% for 30 seconds.

Blue spawn Red spawn - Respawn location for each team


At the end of battle, attain Badges of Honor and special Capture the Flag Achievements for successes in the arena.


Archos Andronikos (Ellonidos) offers rewards for the quest, Capture the Flag, for winning matches: the Gladiator's Decorative Armor and the Armored Lava Hound. Number of wins needed to complete each of the 5-part quest:

I: 10
II: 30
III: 100
IV: 300
V: 300 (Mount)