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Bloodmoon over Varholm
Bloodmoon over Varholm map
Basic Info
Type Dungeon (Event)
Region Kingshill (Region)
Monster Levels 10-55 (scales to player level)
Level Requirement 10
Difficulty Normal to Infernal IV
Entry Requirement Defeat Vargulf, the Ancestral Wolf
  • Neat Amphora
  • Festive Amphora
  • Cursed Amphora
Unique Boss Bloodmage

Mini Bosses[]

Frezirw the Freezer[]

Bloodmoon 3-3 Frezirw the Freezer

Simurr the Shredder[]

Bloodmoon 3-3 Simurr the Shredder

Floshamm the Frazzler[]

Bloodmoon 3-3 Floshamm the Frazzler