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Blackborg is the realm for the New Moon event, which will occur once per month. Travel to Blackborg through the Realm Path to Blackborg and the day map is available to everyone on non-event days. During the New Moon, prevent the ritual sacrificie of a virgin to the Fairy Queen and defeat Karabossa for unique rewards.


Blackborg (Day)
Basic Info
Type Dungeon (Event)
Monster Levels 1-45 (scales to player level)

All enchanted Root Creatures drop Fairy Wood. Collect to turn in for the quest Fairy Wood and/or save for the New Moon.


  • Bewitched Spiderspawn
  • Fairy Tree Creature: drops 2x or 5x fairy wood (26x in each map)
  • Bewitched Slush Monster
  • Bewitched Guard Dog
  • Cribbi the Spider Tree (Champion): drops 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x fairy wood
  • Shalam the Slime (Champion)
  • Gadax Poisontooth (Champion)


  • Event Merchang: Shady John
  • Kobold, Levander
  • Workbench

Note: In each visit you can acquire 57-180 fairy wood (depending on your luck)

Night-time (New Moon)[]

Blackborg (Night)
Blackborg night
Basic Info
Type Dungeon (Event)
Monster Levels 1-45 (scales to player level)

Fairy Wood is no longer dropped during the event. Place collected Fairy Wood under the Witch's Cauldron to obtain Fairy Fire (event progress units). 


  • Norse Gnome Witch Buddy
  • Bewitched Gremcicle
  • Icy Fairyspawn
  • Witch of the North
  • Gnome Shaman Dark Mage
  • Ice-Cold Slush Monster
  • Mighty Fairy Tree Creature
  • (rare): Frozen Solid Jullov > Jullov > Jullov's Adorable Maid > Jullov's Outlandish Plant > Jullov's Beastly Gardener