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This Parallel World (PW) quest series unlocks at level 30. Enter the Parallel World through Watery Grave and start off the series in Grimmagstone. Each quest is repeatable for the Ammon's reward. (Repeatable quest requirement listed on the right). All enchantment values will randomly fall into the range listed.

# Quest Giver Location Rewards
Q1 Ammon the Worldly Wanderer Grimmagstone Ringlife  
Q2 Ammon the Worldly Wanderer Hagastove Grotto Wingsw Ammonwingpng Shoulderdk Ammon wings sm
Q3 Ammon the Worldly Wanderer Catacombs / Crypt of Kings Ammonswhat Ammonhatr Ammonhatdk Ammon's horizon d
Q4 Ammon the Worldly Wanderer Wildherz Cave Cluchsw Ammonclutch40 Ammonglovedk Ammon gloves d
Q5 Ammon the Worldly Wanderer Prison of Souls / Liar's Lair / Khalys' Elysium

Journeysw Ammonjourney Ammonboot40 Ammon journey d

Ammonhorizonsw Ammonhorizonr Ammonhorizondk Ammon armor

(Q1) Grimmagstone[]

Ring quest Q1 repeatable

(Q2) Hagastove Grotto[]

Wings ammon Q2 repeatable

(Q3) Catacombs / Crypt of Kings[]

Horizon ammon Q3 repeatable

(Q4) Wildherz Cave[]

Clutch ammon Q4 repeatable

(Q5): Prison of Souls / Liar's Lair / Khalys' Elysium[]

Journey ammon