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Batty Brute
Batty Gremlin
Use, is not depleted when used
This gremlin may not be able to fly, he can spot weaknesses in your enemy's cover to make sure you get a clear shot.
Calls your little companion.

5% increased critical hit rate
13% increased critical hit rate
21% increased critical hit rate
29% increased critical hit rate

Combine Batty Brute 1-4 + Batty Brute 2-4 + Batty Brute 3-4 + Batty Brute 4-4
  • A 8799
  • G219 S99 C99
Obtained Through:
Batty Gremlin

Curse of the Black Knights - Dragan's Return

  1. Batty Brute 1-4 Burning Jack-o'-CrateDungeon in the Sulfur Desert
  2. Batty Brute 2-4 Burning Jack-o'-CrateGhastly Grave
  3. Batty Brute 3-4 Burning Jack-o'-CrateBlack Knights’ Battleground
  4. Batty Brute 4-4 Dragan Junior, Castle Ravencaw (Difficult)

Curse of the Black Knights - Dragan's Conspiracy

  1. Batty Brute 1-4 Bugs N' Hisses (Re), 60 Dungeon in the Sulfur Desert
  2. Batty Brute 2-4 Bite the Dust (Re), 30 Gloomy Pastures
  3. Batty Brute 3-4 No Cake Walk (Re), 90 Dragan's Excavation Site
  4. Batty Brute 4-4 Sweety Hollow (Re), 120 Iron Forest at Night