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Even the ancient ancestor stones of the Norselands are not sacred to the Nefertari cultists and their insatiable hunger for knowledge. The tortured souls of women flee their once peaceful resting places and wander aimlessly, fearing the terror of their tormentors.

Instead of as ancestral souls, helping their families in times of need, these agonized ghosts of women now mistreat anyone in sight. They appear as pale cadaverous figures with bodies as mistreated as their souls. Their red eyes stare out of the wreckage of their pained faces, and with long blood-red fingers, they reach for the living.

These souls on the border of madness create an aura of melancholy and sorrow. Those that are not quick enough to escape before they can raise their inhuman wail are forced to share their suffering in a moment of pain.

"When an agonizing scream broke out of the white ghostly woman, a wave of sorrow tore through me. I could feel the agony of her tortured soul in every fiber of my body.“