Drakensang Online Wiki
Basic Info
Location Yolotl
Level 49-55
Difficulty Normal
Drops Dark Corruption Set, Armored Panther


Balor was born to Nefertari and the Dragon with help from the power of the World Heart.

Two thousand years ago, for reasons unknown, Balor went to confront his father, the Dragon, in the Anderworld. Instead, he found his mother, Nefertari, imprisoned there. He freed her, but before they could leave, his brother, Agathon closed all the portals. Balor and Nefertari were trapped.

Balor felt betrayed by his brother. His hate grew. His hate for his brother, his hate for his brother's heirs (the mortals), and his hate for all living things. It intensified. Balor's time in the Anderworld changed him for the worse, and his power grew.  He subjugated all the creatures within. When they were ready, two thousand years later, Balor and his mother broke the seal between worlds, and he and his followers invaded Dracania.

Taking revenge on his brother became his motivator, influencing every one of his actions. Balor's plan was to use the World Heart to meld the world of the living and world of the dead together so he could rule over both.


Balor has a rage system, similar to the one of Dragonknight. His Anger increases when being hit and certain abilities require a specific amount of anger to be cast.

  • Slash (melee): ​attacks multiple enemies in melee range. Inflicts Armor Break effect for 10 seconds, which lowers all resistance values by 10% and is stackable up to 10 times . Doesn't cost him any Anger. Occasionally regenerates a small amount of Anger.
  • Breath (ranged):  inflicts high andermagic damage to all the foes in front of him in angle of about 45 degrees from the exact looking direction. Costs low amount of Anger (based on my estimations, about 15%).
  • Fury of Balor: after a few seconds, creates at positions of all the enemies cracks in the earth. They deal high damage when emerging and last for quite a long time. Afterwards, everyone walking through them will have travel speed lowered by 20% and take some andermagic damage every second. Costs moderate amount of Anger (based on my estimations, about 45%).
  • Balor's Curse:  casts a curse at a player. Above the head of the cursed player appears a 3 second countdown in roman numerals. At its end the player gets stunned for 4 seconds and all resistance values are lowered by 30% for 10 seconds. Costs high amount of Anger (based on my estimations, about 75%).
  • Herald of Corruption: deals enormous damage to one player instantly (unless he moves, it seems that there is an invisible meteor-like skill sent, hitting when the Herald's warning appears) and summons a Herald of Corruption, which is pretty much like regular Herald of the Anderworld scaled up to the group level. Costs him all of his Anger (100%).


Unique Drops[]

Panther Armored Panther