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October 23, 2013 (Wednesday) - October 28, 2013 (Monday)

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Enemies have invaded Werian's Sanctuary. Gather your forces to aid and defend Anselm, the NPC, from waves of monsters. 

Event Breakdown:

  • Defeat worthy monsters and collect Battle Trophies (5x, 10x).
  • The Prophet (located in all major urban areas) will trade Battle Trophies for teleportation scrolls (Scroll of Punctuality) and optional healing and speed debuffs.
  • Travel to Werian Sanctuary by activating the Scroll of Punctuality.
  • If you would like to recruit the aid of NPCs, purchase the Oath of Power/Balance/Knowledge and summon the respective character who will help you.
  • Speak to Anselm and defend him from 9 waves of enemies.
  • Each player in your group will have to initiate the quest separately and will summon additional waves.
  • After successfully defending Anselm, leave the Sanctuary and head over to the Prophet to complete the quest and collect your reward.

Progress Reward[]

Collect Insinia of Merit Insignia by successfully defending Anselm and completing his quest For the Werian Sanctuary! and Dead Enemies.

Attack on werian sanct
  • 10 Insignia of Merit = Lock pick Lock Pick x10
  • 25 Insignia of Merit = Drak14 10
  • 50 Insignia of Merit = Lock pick Lock Pick x20
  • 85 Insignia of Merit = Gem bag 2x Gem Bag (flawed or splintered)
  • 135 Insignia of Merit = Drak14 15
  • 200 Insignia of Merit = Frostbomb Frost Bomb x5
  • 285 Insignia of Merit = Extraordinary armor Extraordinary Armor
  • 390 Insignia of Merit = Drak14 20
  • 520 Insignia of Merit = Solstice gem bags 2x Winter Solstice Gem Bag (splitered to polished)
  • 675 Insignia of Merit = Lock pick Lock Pick x70
  • 860 Insignia of Merit = Drak14 30
  • 1075 Insignia of Merit = Firebomb Firebomb x5
  • 1325 Insignia of Merit = Legendary armor Legendary Armor
  • 1610 Insignia of Merit = Drak14 40
  • 1935 Insignia of Merit = Blue horse Blue Armored War Horse
  • 2300 Insignia of Merit = Drak14 50
  • 3000 Insignia of Merit = Drak14 60, Defender's Chest (Defender's Belt)

Total = Drak14 225


The Prophet:



Name Price
Scroll of punctuality Scroll of Punctuality A 800
Insignia Insignia of Merit A 40
Insignia 5x Insignia of Merit A 200
Insignia 10x Insignia of Merit A  350
Insignia 50x Insignia of Merit A 1500
Insignia 100x Insignia of Merit A 1800
Name Price
Oath of power Oath of Power A 600
Oath of balanc Oath of Balance A 600
Oath of knowledge Oath of Knowledge A 600
Slowness enchantment 1 Slowness Enchantment A 200
Life force prayer Life Force Prayer A 400

Werian Sanctuary Under Attack[]

Werian sanct

Defend Anselm from 9 waves of monsters. Spawn locations will be at either tips of the map.

At any time, you can recruit NPC(s) to help along side you. Purchase and Oath and click on their respective banner. Only 1 of each class can be summoned each time you enter. These NPCs have an Artificial Intelligence and will fight enemies on his own and will not follow you. 

Click on a Spellweaver/Priest podium to help them cast an enchantment and turn the tides in your favor. These enchantment prayers can be purchased or traded for Battle Trophies from The Prophet.